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3 ways to win the battle for construction talent

The  War For Talent

Article posted by Cobalt - US

​The competition for good construction professionals is increasing at a staggering pace. According to a recent article in Forbes ‘a quarter of workers plan on looking for a new job as the threat of the pandemic decreases, signaling a looming ‘war for talent’. The market is undoubtedly swinging back in the favor of strong candidates, so how can you do during the recruitment process to improve your odds of securing the right construction professionals to grow your business?

1. Showcase your leaders:

In a recent poll of Cobalt’s network of construction professionals, the leadership team was rated the most important factor by 38% of respondents when considering their next role.

  • Ensure your social media and online profiles, posts and content all reflect your values and those of the business.

  • The management and decisiveness of the leadership team during the recruitment process will also have a major impact on the perceptions of potential candidates and the reputation of the business –manage all interactions well, regardless of whether they ultimately get the job.

2. Communication is key:

Communication skills were voted, by 48% of respondents in our poll, as the most important quality for a leader in today’s construction market.

  • Make sure whoever is leading the interview process is a compelling storyteller.

  • Ensure your company can articulate how they focus on communication to ensure project success.

  • Have client testimonials front and center to show that communication has helped you secure and retain client relationships.

  • Use competency-based interview techniques to ensure that candidates can display powerful, concise communication when chatting through their experience.

3. Offer a journey not just a role:

  • Don’t just talk about the immediate role, discuss how you work and what the future looks like for the business and the individual. This allows the candidates to see a future for themselves.

  • Ask candidates what culture they thrive in. It shows a genuine interest in hiring the right people for your business and gives you valuable insight to help ensure you hire someone who can thrive in your business.

  • Ask them to compare the styles of their worst and best boss. This will demonstrate their working style and allow you to manage them in a more productive, mutually beneficial way.

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