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Why using a recruiter can give you the gift of time

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Article posted by Cobalt - US

​Did you know, that using a recruitment agency instead of hiring directly could save you at least ONE working day – on just ONE role alone. Yes, you read that right – one working day!

There are many very valid reasons why using a specialist recruiter is often better than trying to recruit a role directly yourself: existing relationships with the talent pool, a ready-made database to tap into, market mapping and headhunting, benchmarking exercises, pre-screening of candidates for you, a wider and more diverse talent pool, leveraging deep industry knowledge and expertise…I could go on.

But beyond that, time is not often something that is spoken about. And yet it’s usually the one thing that most of us crave more than anything…more time to get on with running the business, more time to manage our existing staff, more time to deliver that strategic project. Whatever it is, time is always in short supply and well, couldn’t we all do with a few more hours in our day?!

And the reality is that hiring someone into your team can actually take a considerable amount of time. Hiring new staff is such an important part of any business (and a costly one if you don’t get it right), and yet it can often be neglected because people are too business juggling their existing workloads to truly give the process the time it deserves - this can lead to drawn-out recruitment processes and missing out on top quality candidates, or hiring the wrong person. It’s a process that needs full commitment from all the key stakeholders to ensure the right hire is made.

We listed out all of the various tasks that are involved in a typical recruitment process (from writing ad copy and posting to job boards, to screening and interviewing candidates) and calculated that on average, by using an agency you would save yourself approximately 7 hours (see breakdown below).

Your time to recruit – direct vs agency
Time it takes an agency vs direct to recruit

“But I have an internal hiring team who can sort that for me”, I hear you say. And that may well be the case. But quite often, internal hiring teams can be overworked themselves, or they might never have worked this type of role before. With a war for talent unseen for many years, remote working options increasing and a demand list from candidates that would make a rock band’s rider list pale into insignificance, it could also be that the role you’re hiring for is so niche, that only a very few people would be suitable for it – and you need to know where to find those people. Internal hiring teams don’t necessarily have the skills, expertise or time that a specialist recruiter does.

We understand that if you can find these people directly for ‘free’, it’s not actually for free. It’s the cost of your internal recruitment team, or your own time in running the hiring process yourself.

We believe there are lots of good reasons to use us – we’re an agency, we would say that. But the obvious one is time. It might seem self-serving, but it is the truth in a market where good talent is increasingly hard to find. Using a specialist recruitment agency COULD save you almost one working day, on one role alone. So, what would you prefer to focus on – running the entire recruitment process and juggling your workload, OR hiring the best people and running your business?

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