Associate Consultant -Construction & Development

Cian O'Mahony

About me

​Experienced in full lifecycle recruitment within the tri-state area. I specialize in identifying Superintendents, Project Managers, and Estimators. My record illustrates a dedication to matching high-caliber professionals with our clients' needs, ensuring that not only does the role fit but that it also aligns with its organizational culture and vision.

I collaborate closely with clients, understanding their needs and desired candidate's soft skills for a cultural fit. I source talent, ensuring alignment with client expectations, manage the interview process and gather feedback. Once client and candidate satisfaction is achieved, I facilitate negotiation, advocating for a fair offer for both parties.

My profession involves engaging with top General Contractors, Construction Managers, and Developers. Collaborations with these industry leaders foster my professional growth, inspire personal improvement, and challenges me to consistently perform at my peak. These experiences fuel my passion and commitment to my role.

I'm passionate about nature, I regularly seek its tranquility for physical and mental equilibrium. I also relish golf, a sport with an intriguing dichotomy: deceptively simple yet endlessly complex. It satisfies the soul and tests the intellect, maintaining my enduring engagement.


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