The UK is home to an array of stunning houses, with some of the world’s most iconic property designs scattered around its shores. Every year, the Royal Institute of British Architects announces the winner of Best House, from a longlist of nominees. So we thought we’d give some airtime to our pick of the bunch and select five of our favourites.

Flint House Flint House, Buckinghamshire
This majestic English country house was named Best House in 2015. Built for one of Britain’s richest families, the Rothschild family, it is located near the village of Waddesdon in Buckinghamshire, England. The designer of the house unusually chose the rock flint as the staple material to build it and the interior of the house is equally as stunning, with a combination of contemporary and classic pieces of furniture adorning its corridors.

Grillagh Water House

Grillagh Water House, Londonderry 
Designed by Patrick Bradley, Grillagh Water House was built on his own farm near the town of Maghera in Northern Ireland. This unique house was constructed using shipping containers, transported from Bangor, which were assembled around a steel framework. The construction of the house was documented on the Channel 4 series, Grand Designs, winning accolades for its innovation. The house is full of vitality and youth and provides a stylistic and picturesque addition to the landscape.

Cefn Castell Cefn Castell, Wales
The Cefn Castell is an extraordinarily stunning and abstract family home, built against ancient stone. The three-bedroom property, designed by Stephenson Studio in Manchester, was inspired by the pioneering work of painter, Piet Mondrian. It is certainly an artistic addition to the historic Welsh landscape as the house replaced the remains of a cottage that had existed on the site for 400 years.

North Vat, Kent North Vat
Located in Dungeness, Kent; North Vat is a two-storey black-stained house, made up of adjoining cabins. The largest cabin contains the main living space and master bedroom, whilst the smaller blocks contain a second bedroom and a study area. The house has square skylights that match its windows, maximising light and giving its residents a stunning, sweeping view of the Kentish coastline.

House of trace House of Trace
Winner of London’s Architecture ‘Don’t Move, Improve!’ awards, House of Trace, located in London’s Lewisham, is definitively picturesque. Designed by Tsuruta Architects, the terraced-house has been redeveloped into a family home. The architects aimed to maintain and preserve the memory of the original extension, whilst building something completely new, with its own identity.




What do you think makes a great house a home? Perhaps you have a grand design of your own waiting for the world to see it? Let us know in the comments below.

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