Abdulla Rahman, Cobalt intern I joined the team at Cobalt as an Intern during my university summer break. This internship has opened up my eyes to the vast number of roles available in the Construction, Property, Engineering, Financial Services and Accounting sectors; some of which I never knew existed. In school, students are not exposed to roles such as Facilities Manager or Sustainability Surveyor, so for me it was an exciting prospect to learn about industries I had not considered before.

My time at Cobalt started very positively and that was maintained until my very last day. I was introduced to literally everyone that was in our office, which made me feel equal, although I was only an intern. My interview involved me meeting with the Managing Director and Global Operations Director. For what I thought was a minor position in the company, Cobalt made it feel more prestigious than what I had first thought. Not every intern can say that they have met the CEO and Founder of their company, but at Cobalt I was given the opportunity to meet those humble individuals.

Having sat in on a few internal meetings as well as interviews between candidates and recruiters, I learnt a lot more than I thought I would. The minute details count, whether it be the way you are presented or the way you interact with a recruiter. The aim of these meetings is for the recruiter to understand the candidate and to work out whether they would be a suitable match for a particular role and client. Since the recruitment company’s reputation depends on these results, it is important to be extra vigilant.

At Cobalt your qualities are quickly acknowledged, the sales experience I carry was utilised and tested by the company as they quickly had me handling phone calls. I was trusted to interact with both clients and candidates, this motivated me to come into work every day as it emphasised the level of confidence and importance they placed in me.

Cobalt is a fun and likeable company and I would highly recommend it to others. The experience I gained from Cobalt is vast because I was exposed to so many different roles. This is a company that will push you and will polish all your existing qualities to transform you into a better all-round working individual.

The course I am studying is pharmaceutical chemistry, and at first it may seem irrelevant to recruitment, I now have an in depth understanding of how interviews are conducted and what elements interviewers are looking out for in individuals. Being on the less daunting side of the table during an interview has definitely made me feel more comfortable with the idea of having an interview. While interning at Cobalt, I had an interview for a role at Vodafone, which I successfully obtained, and I think a part of the success was down to the skills I gained at Cobalt as a summer intern.

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