Bond swirl With the excitement of the launch of Spectre coming up later this month, there has been much chat about Bond in the Cobalt office! Some of our team got talking about which Bond or Bond villain they would be and why. Here are the results.

“The Bond I would say I most resemble would be Roger Moore. His ability to be both comical and a dangerously effective killer is what made him such a great Bond and is why he was the longest serving. Roger Moore could switch easily between cracking one-liners to winning a brutal fist fight and these raw qualities are ones I would like to think I have! Although, rather than winning fist fights I win clients and close deals!”

Jason Moore, Town Planning Recruiter


“If I had to pick any Bond it would be Sean Connery. He is the first and original Bond and the ultimate superspy. He wanders into situations with a roguish grin on his face, makes a few quips, kills a few henchman effortlessly and then goes off to celebrate the accomplished mission surrounded by beautiful women.”
Sanna Karim, Real Estate Recruiter


“My bond villain of choice would be Jaws. He is a ruthless killing machine and stands apart from other James Bond villains because of his superhuman strength and, of course, his enormous stainless steel teeth. Jaws is able to fight sharks head on underwater and win. He can jump out of trains and aeroplanes unscathed. He is an accomplished martial artist. He is simultaneously threatening and good comic relief. If I could be Jaws I would be near invincible, which makes him an obvious choice – imagine being able to survive any sort of potential accident, imagine being able to overcome any sort of threat? I wouldn’t be able to speak again obviously, which is draw back, and I wouldn’t be intelligent enough to have meaningful human relationships, but all in all it seems like the pros outweigh the cons.”

Tom Enefer, Real Estate Recruiter


“My bond villain of choice would be Alec Trevelyan, 006. Alec Trevelyan was someone that raised the bar in everything that he did, and he had greater aspirations than to work for the world’s premium secret service. He was a rogue that was hell-bent on emptying England’s banks with the use of the Goldeneye weapon, and given the bankers contribution to the global financial crisis, it seems unjust that his efforts were thwarted by Bond. 006 was the modern day Robin Hood, with the only minor difference being that he would fund a major Russian crime syndicate with the loot from the banks. Details. If 007 is Her Majesty’s Royal Terrier, then Alec Trevelyan is Vladimir Putin’s pit-bull – smarter, ruthless, powerful and not the cuddling type. Sure, 006 has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, and why wouldn’t he?! He spent the best part of his career hanging out with Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond and that’s enough to make anyone go corrupt.”
David Bremner, Facilities Management Recruiter


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