There has been much chat about the imminent launch of Star Wars Episode VII in the Cobalt office. Some of our team got talking about which character from Star Wars they would be. Here are the results.


Yoda small "Without a doubt if I could be any character from Star Wars it would be Yoda. He is one of the greatest Jedi masters of all time and is a machine with a lightsaber. And what is he? A teddy bear? A gremlin? Nobody knows. The mystery that surrounds the tiny green mastermind is what earns him so much respect and undoubtedly what kept him alive for so long. Not only does he have ninja like qualities in combat, he also knows the importance of educating the younger generation and is so wise he speaks in riddles; three characteristics that closely align with my own. His wisdom, knowledge and life experiences are possibly only surpassed by Dumbledore (who, interestingly, were both recruitment consultants in their youth) so I will leave you with a quote: “do or do not, there is no try”.

Robyn Pettitt – Construction Recruiter, New Zealand


Han Solo

"Han is the character I would like to be. In a universe filled with giant monsters, unbelievable tech and angry dudes with lightsabres who are able to move things with their mind and choke people out with a thought there is one badass, gunslining space cowboy who doesn’t give a dam about any of that. On more than one occasion Han has saved Luke’s life without the use of the force and has also saved the day in a number of battles with his expert piloting skills. Although Han is a “good guy” he isn’t the annoyingly righteous kind of good guy. He maintains loyal to the rebel cause but deep down he will always be a streetwise smuggler who doesn’t confine himself to an arbitrary code of honour.

Lastly, great heroes are only as good as their support and Han has one of the most hard-core warriors that inhabit the galaxy as a sidekick, I am of course speaking about the legendary Chewbacca. There are not many people who can tell a 7 foot tall laser-crossbow wielding Wookie whether or not to tear someone limb from limb but that’s just the kind of guy Han Solo is."

Jack Thompson, Residential Recruiter, UK


Stormtrooper "I’m definitely the stormtrooper who bangs his head…infamously in the original Star Wars (none of this modern “New Hope” malarkey), actor Laurie Goode as part of a marching gang of Stormtroopers absolutely clonks his head on a doorway. It’s a defining movie blooper and used to be the case that you knew about it only because you were a diehard Star Wars fan because you’d been to the cinema and seen it 10 times, or possibly watched it on your mate’s Betamax 100 times. Nowadays of course, you can see it on Youtube any time and it's much more commonly known.

Anyway, I’m about as clumsy and uncoordinated as that guy, whether its tripping over my own feet, trying to hit a moving ball or any sort of sporting activity that requires freedom of movement. If you need anything precious carrying or delicate doing….don’t ask me!"

Sara Burton – Global Operations Director


c3po "If I was a star wars character, I would be C3PO because he was fluent in over six million forms of communication. He is designed to serve human beings so I think he would make a pretty good recruiter and last but not least, he looks cool (he is GOLD)."

Harriet Gorden – Finance Recruiter, UK


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