sports collage There has been a lot of sport talk around our global offices this week after watching some impressive performances from top athletes competing in Rio. It has inspired some of our team to ask themselves which Olympic event they would want to take part in and why. Here are the results.

“I’d enter the Men’s 20km race-walk (yes, that’s right, the weird fast walking event where people sort of jog but without ever taking their feet fully off the ground) as I reckon I could actually win it. Anyone at Cobalt who has ever had to walk to a meeting with me has experienced the speeds I can get up to and I don’t look nearly as silly as the pros.”

James Wakefield, Manager Director

“I would like to be in the 100 meter sprints! Athletics has always been a passion of mine. I was amongst the top three sprinters at school and have always followed the sport since Carl Lewis was the biggest thing in it. It’s the adrenalin rush and unleashing all the power in you all at once that gives me a real kick. Speed, precision and technique are some of the disciplines you learn from preparing to run the event. These disciplines can be transferred across to any sport or professional life. The prestige of being the fastest at any track event is great especially the 100 meter sprints as you are compared to a cheetah or a super car.”
Muzz Kuddus, Finance & Accounting Recruiter – Auckland

"If I had to pick one event, it would be the Heptathlon it’s all about pace, stamina and most importantly resilience. There are seven different events, so surely I'd be passable at one of them?! But if someone could have a magic wand and make me really good at a sport, that's what I'd choose."
Sanna Karin, Real Estate Recruiter – Manchester

"It would probably be basketball – I played basketball in secondary school when I was 13 or 14 years old. However, I stopped growing in height after that so you’d never guess!"
Simin Wu, Real Estate Recruiter  – Singapore

"Bit of a tough question with many different answers. My initial thought would be pole vault (which I have always been fascinated by) – how they vault 20+ meters high with a piece of fibreglass I do not know. Physically, I have the perfect build as a Gold medal weightlifting champion."
Ruairi McDaid, Financial Services Recruiter – Singapore

“If I was in the Olympics I would go for gold in the Golf. There is no doubt in my mind that I would take it hands down based on my stellar reputation in the Wings and Rings establishment in DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center) where my legacy in Golden Tee, a video game arcade machine based on golf, speaks for itself. If I can do it in the virtual reality realm at Wings and Rings, there is no doubt I can do it in front of billions of people. That’s why I would bring home the gold for Australia.”
Usman Qureshi, Procurement & Supply Chain Recruiter, Dubai

“If I was an Olympic athlete (we can always dream) I would enter the tennis competition. The top coaches such as Lendl, McEnroe and Becker always talk about what it takes to be the best in the game and that is hard work, natural talent and a drive to always win. Having spent several years and hours practising my serves, top-spin forehands and sliced backhands on the Nintendo Wii Tennis (this should seriously be included in the Olympics as a new event), I’m confident I would challenge the best in the men’s game. Move over Murray, I’m coming for your gold medals.”
Nicholas Ford, General Manager – Abu Dhabi

“If I were to be given a chance to take part and represent my country in the Olympics, I would choose Taekwondo and fight in the 68kg category. I used to compete on a regular basis for my school and it would be amazing and challenging, especially given this was over 10 years ago! But I would teach the young guns a thing or two!”
Irvin Almonte, Office Manager – Abu Dhabi

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