Richard-Emanuel Goldhahn This trend, moreover, is due to continue as the appointment of external, self-employed experts contributes to solving the many real estate specific challenges companies are facing.

Richard-Emanuel Goldhahn, Director of Cobalt Recruitment Germany:
”Interim managers join companies precisely where they are needed, whether for a specific project or surrounding asset management, in transactions or in technical areas such as construction and engineering. Interim managers are able, given their experience and their often short job assignment periods, to bridge personnel vacancies and complete projects that add real value.”

It is not only medium-sized companies that benefit from the expertise and the neutral viewpoint of the interim managers, but large-scale enterprises in particular.

Goldhahn:“Cost efficiency is a factor. A comparatively qualified manager in permanent employment will have cost the company more due to expense factors such as social insurance contributions. Likewise, business consulting firms are often a more expensive alternative to interim managers”.

According to a current survey conducted by DDIM (Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management – “Umbrella Association German Interim Management”), the interim management business in Germany is experiencing a rise in remuneration volume of 25 percent to reach as much as € 1.2 billion until the end of 2013.
The number of interim managers, too, will rise from 5,500 at the end of 2012 to an estimated 6,200 until the end of 2013.

The daily rates in 2012 averaged out at € 1,500. There have even been daily rates surpassing that figure. “Currently, the demand for interim managers exceeds the supply considerably, which serves to show the increased acceptance of this new service. In terms of industry average remuneration fees, the daily rates in the real estate industry are up to 50 percent below the mentioned average values – despite the rising demand for interim managers,” Mr Goldhahn concludes.

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