Estates Gazette There are numerous opportunities for property professionals, even in the current market. These opportunities cover consultancies, property companies, banks and funds. The skills required are, however, specific, and employers’ requirements are in the main in direct response to market conditions. The drivers for the technical areas of property are all about value preservation and enhancement for owners and cost-cutting for occupiers. We have, therefore, seen significant demand for skilled asset managers from the owners and outsourcers who are Looking for corporate real estate skills.

The UK real estate capital markets are Location-specific, with the London market still looking insulated from the sheer weight of money chasing it, and the Large regional centres re-emerging as areas of activity. This has resulted in keen demand from private and opportunistic investors who are finding that they can compete for deals that they were previously being outpriced from by the institutions. This potential deal activity has focused employers’ minds on hiring highly numerate and analytical surveyors who can satisfy the demand for strong and rigorous underwriting skills from the banks and equity investors. While there may be a perception that there are too many surveyors chasing vacancies, there are as ever not enough with the skills that the market demands.

Timothy Rowe 
Managing director, Cobalt Recruitment

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