Evernote recommended by property and construction professionals In this day and age, most of us are familiar with apps and will frequently use google maps or WhatsApp or Viber to make calls or send messages to people. You may frequently check LinkedIn or Facebook via your phone but have you gone a step further and downloaded an app to improve your working life?

At Cobalt, we sent a poll to our candidates and many of them highlighted Evernote as an app that they could not live without. As a result, we thought we would test it out and tell you about it.

What is Evernote?

If you have never heard of this app before, Evernote is designed to collect your ideas or projects into one place. Rather than capturing written notes in your reminders or the notes app that comes installed on your phone, Evernote allows you to capture ideas in more ways.

Your ideas captured in one place
If you spot an article that you are reading, a business card or a review of a book you like the look of, with one click you can capture that with your phone camera and organise your ideas into different notebooks.

If you are someone who likes to talk through their ideas, you can also capture recordings of your thoughts easily via the same platform and create audio notes.

Those who regularly conduct site visits such as project managers, building surveyors or town planners will find this helpful for keeping a true picture in mind when they are back at their desks. And of course for residential or commercial agents, it’s an ideal way to build up your ‘little black book’ of contacts.

You can also use the task list and reminder functions within Evernote so that all your tasks can be managed in one place, which can by synced across your phone and computer.

The search function also works well if you cannot remember where you stored an item as you can search by keyword for the topic.

It doesn’t stop there. It also has a messenger function so you can share your projects/notes with others if you wanted to. For the premium package, you can also upload any emails to the platform too.

Organise your thoughts
In this increasingly busy working world, why not try the free package and have a play whilst you are on your commute to work. It’s easy to install and use. Download Evernote here.

Let us know your feedback in the comments box below.

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