22 seconds The team at Cobalt Recruitment came across a new app for jobseekers called Selfiejobs, which is used by jobseekers in Germany and the Nordic region. The idea behind the app is not too far from the dating app Tinder where you can swipe through profiles to see who you like or dislike.

The concept moves away from the traditional CV approach and urges jobseekers to capture their skills and experience in a video lasting 22 seconds. Not an easy task for someone who has worked in more than one job! This got us thinking about what the future of recruitment could look like in years to come.

  • What does the recruitment process look like without a CV?

  • Would the hours spent preparing to record a video vs. putting pen to paper to create a well structured CV help prepare the jobseeker anymore for an interview?

  • Would this make the process any quicker than our average recruitment timescales?

The future of recruitment technology is exciting but if there is one thing we have learnt from speaking with thousands of candidates over the years, we know that people often need a little help when it comes to representing themselves in the best light. Technology doesn’t always help this, in some case it hinders it.

As recruiters, we can brief jobseekers on what their interviewer is going to be like, guide them through a competency based interview or give them some encouragement when they need it. All of this works to create the right first impression with an employer – which is crucial. We do wonder if some people’s videos would secure them an interview if they were not given any guidance first.

Considering the cultural differences in the UK, where we don’t tend to commonly use photos on CVs unlike in other locations, it will be interesting to see how the British public responds to this product. Essentially, it encourages employers to assess on appearances initally rather than based on the quality of your CV, your skills, experience and achievements. These judgements based on appearance, mean employers are ignoring a huge swathe of talent in their market who are perhaps not so “eye catching”!

One thing is certain – we can’t forget the value of human interaction when it comes to recruitment despite any new technological advances.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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