Our data shows us year upon year that employers’ recruitment activity dips prior to Eid and Ramadan across the Middle East and the volume of registered roles drop in July and August.

Below are 5 recommended tips to consider before contacting a recruitment consultancy:

1. Review your CV

The first stage in your job hunt is updating your CV. Highlight your skills, latest achievements and who you managed and reported to. If you would like some assistance, take a look at our CV advice

2. Define your career goals

Usually, a consultant will ask you about your hopes and aspirations for your next role so make sure you are prepared to give a response to this question. Consider the type of job and organisation you would like next and why. If you are clear on your goals, you are much more likely to convey confidence at interview stage and be attractive to potential employers.

4. Know your worth

Money may not well be the main motivator for your choice to move but it is wise to know the minimum salary or rate you are willing to move roles for. This will help your recruiter to send you details on the roles that are most relevant.

3. Sell your skills

Once you have reviewed your CV, be ready to talk through your experience in greater depth. You may be asked what types or projects you have worked on in the past or which professional qualifications you have gained. If you are prepared for these questions, you are more likely to leave a strong impression with the recruiter as someone who would perform well at interviews.

5. Target company list

Perhaps you have already attended an interview with a company and not been successful or you have companies that you would not like to work for – if so, give that list to your consultant. The more information they have, the better. The same goes for organisations that you would like a career with. Your recruiter may well have contacts within that company that we can approach speculatively on your behalf.

If you feel like you are already prepared and ready to get in touch, please call your nearest Cobalt office or register now with your CV.

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