Anthony KwokoriThe New Year is a time of reflection - an exciting time - as it is representative of a fresh start and a chance to think about what can be achieved over the next 365 days.

How did the year go for you? Did you lose the weight you said you would when making new years resolutions at the start of the year? Have you given up drinking? Did you even try? Have you received that promotion you were working so hard towards? Did you set up that business you said you would? Take that holiday you dreamed of?

If you did not achieve all of the goals you set for yourself, do not let 2016 pass you by without the satisfaction of achievement and progress. Make 2016 a successful year – set your goals, plan to achieve them and then DO!!

Take action and make 2016 your year

Here are some tips to help you do more and achieve more this coming year:

  • Take some personal time to think about what you really want for yourself this year. You cannot achieve a goal without setting one first. Setting your goals is something to take seriously, too many people set “goals” they have no intention of trying to achieve or are not committed to achieving. A commitment is a serious contract you make with yourself. You honour your work contracts, mobile phone contracts, why would you not honor this one? Make a promise to yourself to achieve at least one goal - if you must, write out a contract and sign it. Perhaps now you can commit to your word.

  • Now you have a verbal or even maybe a written contract with yourself to achieve a goal, create an action plan – no different to a monthly payment plan for a phone contract. What action must you take each month/week/day to ensure you are on track to achieving your goals. Break it down to doable manageable tasks and again make sure you are committed to carrying out each task.

  • Now you have your goals, a contract with yourself, a plan, it is time to take action. Go on and do what you have said you would!

Often when we have goals and dreams they seem so far out of reach. This is because true goals and dreams – right now – often are. They are outside our comfort zone and we must push ourselves, stretch ourselves and at times lose ourselves on the journey towards realising them. We must grow into our goals and dreams, do what we don’t know we can do, become someone we have not yet met but can become – truly step outside our comfort zone which for many people is a scary thing. This fear I believe is a key barrier holding people back from going after the things they want – owning their own business, developing that six pack, asking our their crush on a date – or girlfriend to marry them - running a marathon or asking for a promotion.

Nobody is totally fearless, they “feel the fear and do it anyway.” People who achieve the most, plan to succeed and stick to the plan. So for 2016, do not hold yourself back, think about what you would like for yourself, take it seriously, commit to achieving it and just go out and do it!

Article written by Anthony Kwokori, Interim Recruiter – Cobalt Recruitment. 

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