New Zealand We have numerous new instructions with top tier and boutique Project Management consultancy firms at Intermediate, Senior, Associate and Principal levels.

The balance of opportunity is weighted more towards the Christchurch market where the city rebuild is properly underway. Projects of all scales and all property asset classes are being developed across the city.

However, Auckland is rapidly throwing off the shackles, particularly in the commercial, residential/apartment, education and healthcare project arenas; with a number of medium scale and big ticket new build schemes being announced this year.

The overall impression is of an upwardly mobile construction industry that is gathering speed nationally and which will continue to accelerate for years to come.

There are very real, very exciting career opportunities in New Zealand for skilled Project Managers with the right blend of skills and experience.

If you’re interested in being considered for opportunities in New Zealand, please send us your CV and one of our New Zealand team will be in touch shortly.