property investment teams As more property companies focus their efforts on investing in the European market, the demand for relevant candidates in this area is soaring. Our clients are not only seeking the language skills, but also the combination of suitably high technical skills and demonstrable European experience and track record.

In terms of languages, the demand from clients seems to be most concentrated around German, French and Spanish, with some recently growing demand for Italian. The more senior the individual and the more origination responsibility that they have; the higher the expectation of additional language skills.

On the technical side, the requirement for analytical and numerical candidates with strong modelling skills shows no sign of easing up. It is all but a prerequisite now, that if a candidate is looking to join a market-leading investment platform, they will have these skills. On this subject, Lucy Cowen, Real Estate Recruiter at Cobalt Recruitment comments:

“Expectations from clients are rising all the time. Despite us now experiencing a candidate led market, the demand from leading investment teams and platforms remains for the absolute top tier candidates. Even at senior levels, where there is usually junior analytical support in the team, it is still expected that professionals will be confident with running and working with numbers and will have a strong financial understanding. It is vital that property professionals continue to develop and expand their skill set in this area. There are many opportunities in the market at present but if you are not competent with modelling and working with cashflows, you are not going to be able to compete with the most sought after candidates.”

As the European market booms, investment teams of tomorrow are going to evolve to become more and more multicultural and international. For a UK property professional to compete, continuing professional development has to be a priority and development of language and modelling skills are a must!

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