Article written by Rosie Yates, Real Estate Research Recruiter

Rosie Yates - Property Research Recruiter With demand for high-quality, strategic property research growing across all commercial and residential real estate markets, the need for outstanding professionals is ever increasing. Property Research has long been viewed as somewhat of a luxury to a business. Thankfully, this no longer seems to be the case. With increased levels of hiring at all levels across this niche sector, businesses are viewing Property Research as integral to their future growth and stability.

What employers are looking for in a property researcher
Property professionals often ask me what clients are really looking for. In this phase of market recovery and the subsequent recruitment drive we are currently experiencing, businesses are looking for highly intelligent minds that can produce strategic, forward-thinking market reports and accurate forecasts.

In addition, a blend of strong qualitative and quantitative skills is highly valuable. Individuals with a good working knowledge of econometrics from a real estate perspective are even more attractive. With only a handful of senior candidates with this knowledge, I am starting to see a disparity of skills at a more junior level. I urge more junior researchers to really build on these technical skills early on as they will reap the rewards. With this skill set, they will prove invaluable to the key decision makers within a business and therefore have involvement with them when making shrewd investment decisions.

Competitive for client-side roles
In this fast moving market, property researchers are sometimes frustrated that they haven’t yet made a move client side. Some are being too hasty and do not have the experience necessary to make that move. Others do not realise that whilst it is a growing market and there are more roles available than two years ago, it remains a small sector within the property industry. Competition is rife for every role and you need to have built significant knowledge of your area to stand out from the crowd.

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