Having endured a tough four years, there is now a gentle emergence of roles coming to the market. The demand is for hands on property managers, asset managers, building surveyors and project managers; those who can drive value-add initiatives and work assets in order to maintain performance. We are also seeing employers taking a more flexible approach to recruitment; where once the trend was for permanently employed staff, some organisations are looking towards fixed term or interim appointments, ensuring that they are still utilising the best talent available in the market which ensures continued fee income.

Whilst this increase in activity may be slow and sometimes hindered, we are witnessing a small upturn with most of the roles we work on being replacement positions and a few being a product of business growth. Granted, the regional markets are still tough, but this slight upturn gives us a sense of cautious optimism going into 2013.

If you are interested in discussing the current roles available, contact the General Practice team on 0161 214 7995.