As the market and associated confidence in the sector continues to recover at a greater rate than the pool of talent, we are experiencing a growing supply and demand issue with opportunities significantly outnumbering suitably experienced candidates.

The Residential sector is a prime example of this with central London assets attracting significant interest from investors already operating in this space and more recently from foreign investors, owner-occupiers and high spec developers looking to capitalise on the ever increasing security being offered in London and the outlying regions.

With more opportunities appearing across the development spectrum, those with experience, knowledge and good technical capabilities have seen an increase in demand for their skills, from both their prospective and current employers. This demand has forced steep increases in salaries and most significantly in bonuses being paid to top performers.

This demand continues to drive the development cycle with the need for land professionals able to identify new opportunity through to those able to offer experience of final delivery and sales. The continued growth in UK PRS has been well publicised offering developers and investors alike a secure and growing asset class in which to commit further investment. This continues to generate new opportunities across the sector, coupled with an ever increasing pressure for developers to offer volume of affordable properties to go some way towards alleviating the housing shortage in the UK.

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