On the UK shores, life, albeit fragile, has begun to emerge. There are clear signs that activity is picking up with investors beginning to make a return to the market. ‘UK Opportunity Funds’ are emerging from an array of international investment outfits, prime properties and portfolios are beginning to exchange hands and market sentiment has definitely improved.

From a recruitment perspective we are clearly in direct correlation with property market activity and thus have begun to see pockets of activity across the board. The summer slowdown we encounter each year will no doubt be apparent but its possible that with the slight upwards shift in momentum businesses will be keen to keep their ear to the ground.

Perhaps the ‘expectation’ indicator will fuel us through the height of summer leading us into an already talked about ‘herd mentality’ buying frenzy in the last quarter of 2009. Even if a small percentage of this expectation factor comes true it will provide some new career opportunities for hungry candidates ready to ride the next wave.

With the worst of the downturn over…………and moving away from expectation and looking at current reality, it’s the availability of debt that is in the forefront of most would be investors minds. The long hot summer of 2009 will be the summer that was, the summer we holidayed in the UK and the summer where the lending cycle perhaps showed signs of coming back.

‘Expectation’ on the recruitment front has lifted our spirits and that of our candidate base. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves the signs are out there. Be it through new ventures, re-structuring or taking advantage of the unique candidate market the slow recovery has begun. So whilst sitting there on the beach or at the local ‘faire du camping’ it could be time to dust off the CV and explore le marche.

By Timothy Rowe