Big news in the final two quarters of the year includes WYG acquiring Alliance Planning and Carter Jonas, similarly, acquiring the London-based planning consultancy Planning Perspectives.

Confidence in London is high and opportunities are rife; in particular, Senior Planners are in high-demand as workloads increase with both specialist planning consultants and multi-disciplinary consultants requiring experienced individuals.

However, one must not forget the regions and, in particular, the South East and the North West had buoyant finishes to the year and we expect demand for planners at all levels to increase drastically in the next quarter.

There is general agreement across the sector that 2015 will be the strongest for the Town Planning sector since the recession hit; however, the big question mark that looms over the market is the uncertainty surrounding the General Election in 2015. Nevertheless, we at Cobalt remain confident that teams will continue to grow and demand for Planners from Assistant Planner right up to Director will swell in the first half of the new year.

Written by Jason Moore, Cobalt Recruitment

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