It is Oscar season, which means it is all about glamour and acceptance speeches. At Cobalt, we are not movie stars but we can still take some time out to thank people who have helped us to achieve and get to where we are today. So roll out the red carpet. Here we go. 

Jason Moore Acceptance Speech "I am honoured to receive such a prestigious award. I'm just surprised it took so long! I would like to take the opportunity to thank Maria Sinclair in particular. Since joining the team at Cobalt, Maria has been instrumental in helping me settle in but it also turns out she is an A-Lister when it comes to property recruitment in the regions. Not only famous for her youthful Hollywood good looks but also her knowledge of the market, Maria has been a great support in growing our regional client base for Planning but also providing me with the Manchester property gossip! Thanks to Maria I feel I have improved as a recruiter whilst also improving my knowledge of where to find the best drinks (alcoholic, at least!) in Manchester - I just hope I can age as well, I'd like to look that good at 55.

Jason Moore, Town Planning Recruiter

Rosie Acceptance Speech "I would like to thank Abbie Machugh – our superstar Business Support Consultant. Over the last two years of getting to know Abbie, I have come to see that not only is she a whizz at her job, she always reminds me to “keep it real” when things don’t quite go to plan, reminds me that I will have future successes and is, most importantly, brimming with fun. Never one to say no to a party, Abbie’s refreshing attitude is infectious and Cobalt would certainly be a quieter place without her. Thanks Abbie!"

Rosie Yates, Real Estate Research Recruiter

Anthony acceptance speech "First and foremost I would like to thank God because it’s with God that all things are possible. God has also used a number of people in my life to shape me from childhood into the man I have become who is able to achieve wonderful things in his name – so thanks to my Mother, Father, Sisters, wider family and friends. I draw inspiration from my mother, friends, colleagues and life itself. I am inspired by my achievements but more so by my mistakes – I mean my lessons. Experience has been my best teacher. There is a lot more for me to do, to learn, to achieve – I am not where I want to be but thank God I am not where I was. So to everyone like me who is keen to achieve highly I say this; Live fearlessly, give abundantly, receive gratefully, love tremendously and do self assuredly."

Anthony Kwokori, Interim Real Estate Recruiter

Liz acceptance speech "Firstly, I would like to thank Mr Johnson, my inspirational teacher from secondary school who sticks out in my mind as someone who motivated me in my younger years apart from my family. I would also like to thank the authors of some great Marketing books that have proven to be useful sources - Bruce W. Marcus and Sonja Jefferson are two that spring to mind. I would also like to thank my old manager Janine who gave me a great bit of advice, ‘stop over thinking and trust your instincts’. Finally, I would like to thank my career coach who gave me some great pointers to think about, which resulted in me securing my role here at Cobalt with fantastic people."
Liz Rowden, Marketing Manager

We may not have won an Oscar but we can say we have won many Sunday Times Best Small Company to Work For awards. If you want to join our team, please contact Nikki Rawson on 0207 478 2500 or email your CV to

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