Project Management.

At Cobalt, we have specialist construction consultants who recruit skilled professionals for a wide range of roles in project management. Our knowledge of the construction industry and unique approach to recruitment helps us attract some of the best clients. As a leading agency, we have the experience and skills to ensure your job hunting or recruitment requirements are met in a timely manner.

As project managers deal with the day-to-day of a construction project from start to finish, we are looking for professionals with experience in project planning and project management. Project managers need to be able to set objectives, plan work, identify risks and set deadlines. Many clients are seeking those who are confident in coordinating the work of a project team and delegating tasks where necessary. Project Manager roles can be high pressure, as you are leading a team in order to meet tight deadlines, but it is a very rewarding role. To enter this profession, most people take courses in construction. For example, you could study towards a foundation degree and get work experience. Also, many people take apprenticeships in a construction-related role.

Our construction division is well-placed to help you find a high-caliber project manager. We utilize a range of recruitment strategies and our consultants offer expert advice and guidance to assist you in your search. Cobalt has a great reputation for sourcing quality candidates within the construction industry. We always look for the key areas of experience and qualification when our clients are looking to bring in a project manager. You can be sure our consultants will only recruit the right professionals.