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Interview with Michael, Associate Director in Stuttgart

Michael Dalien

How did you get into recruitment?
I already had a career in sales before I got into recruitment. 
One of my former colleagues pursued a consulting career in recruitment and approached me after being in recruitment for about a year as he thought that a career in recruitment might be a suitable career path for me. At first, I was quite sceptical but I decided to give it a shot and I was pleasantly surprised by the opportunities in recruitment.

Which aspects of your role do you enjoy the most? 
It gives me great pleasure to help my colleagues to progress their career and to assist them in developing their skills and become successful.

I love interacting with people and the fact that my work has an impact on candidates' lives and can transform their situation for the better is a strong source of motivation for me apart from bonus payments and recognition. Plus our service provides true benefits for our clients which leads to triple win situations.

I love working in a competitive environment and I’m always up for a challenge, no matter if it's finding the ideal candidate for a hard to fill vacancy or winning over demanding clients.

Is there an element of your role that you find the most challenging? 
I guess the greatest challenge that I have is to maintain the right balance between my own sales activities and coaching/monitoring my staff.

What do you like most about working for Cobalt Recruitment? 
I love the fact that at Cobalt I feel like my voice is heard.
Every project, strategy and decision carries the individual fingerprint of the parties involved. I love being asked for my participation and it gives me great job satisfaction that significantly outweighs the hours, the stress and the hard work since the payoff is having an impact on my company that I can "own". Last but not least I am passionate about sales and driven by success and at Cobalt success is rewarded in a fair way. But I also love the fact that as a company Cobalt has an abundance of patience with employees who for example are new to the recruitment business without applying too much pressure.

What advice would you give to somebody considering a career in recruitment?
In order to be successful in recruitment you definitely need to have endurance. The job can be time-consuming, frustrating and at times you may feel like you’re running in circles trying to break down walls with a toothpick. As a recruiter, you’ve got to be determined to dig deep since the perfect candidate needs to be found amongst numerous applicants. Often a recruitment process takes lots of patience and stamina. Thankfully the demand for good candidates is higher than ever which has led to easier and faster hiring processes. But that also means that recruiters need to act faster to get ahead of competitors, be experts in their fields and able to diversify their approach in order to understand a candidate's needs and target his/her motivation to change his/her job in the most promising way. Just another job offer can feel like spam. A good recruiter needs to be well informed and able to answer a candidate’s questions pertaining to the business that is intending to hire them as well as regarding the career opportunities that the company offers to its employees. Last but not least a good recruiter tells the truth and acts in a responsible manner, even if it means that a candidate might not go forward in the process.

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