Cobalt offers a unique approach to recruitment, and our consultants are focused on getting you to your goals faster. We have a committed team of consultants who are experts in property development and the commercial property sector, and our work over the years has been unrivalled in consistently delivering results. As we operate in specific markets, we’re able to attract highly specialized companies who are looking for top-tier candidates.

Commercial Development covers a range of roles and responsibilities. Cobalt is seeking professionals with excellent project management skills, especially with regards to budgeting and planning applications. We are also looking for those who can ensure projects are completed on schedule. The best candidate will be confident in providing valuations for commercial developments. Professionals should have a strong knowledge of the main competencies of valuation practice. As the role involves working out the likely social and environmental impact of development projects, we expect all candidates to understand how to efficiently assess the outcomes of completed projects. Development surveyors work closely with architects and construction professionals, so the position is dependent on strong collaboration skills.

Our clients are looking for a development surveyor who has a vast knowledge of commercial property. We are interested in speaking to professionals who have taken an RICS-accredited course. Professionals can expect to grow their career as a developmental surveyor. It’s a role that offers a range of further opportunities. At Cobalt, we have worked with many development surveyors who have progressed into other roles in commercial property.