Fund Management.

The Real Estate team at Cobalt recruits analyst positions of all levels, with a demonstrable track record of successfully assisting private practices, fund managers, banks, property companies, opportunity funds, private equity and corporate organizations. We cover all types of positions including investment, asset management, fund management, research and fund analysts.

All candidates are subject to a high level of screening and a thorough interview. These screening methods serve to assess the depth of ability and experience level, including questions on gearing, multiple time horizons, assessment of risk and structured finance. The key driver behind this is that each person's interpretation of building a complex model from scratch can vary greatly.

As a result of our screening, established database and reputation, as well as our deep-rooted industry connections, the team provides technically strong and often exclusive candidates to our clients. With ex-industry professionals in the team, including analytical surveyors, our team is a market leader in the field.